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Etel Adnan. Leporello with written poems by Issa Makhlouf, drawings, 2001. Sursock Museum collection.

Etel Adnan. Leporello with written poems by Issa Makhlouf, drawings, 2001. Sursock Museum collection.




Ali Al-Salem st.
Kuwait City



Brand Voice Specialists 

We are passionate about words, offering copywriting, editing and translation in English, Arabic, and French. Our clients rely on us to write content for: websites, apps, company profiles, invitations, packaging, walls, and tattoos. Just kidding about that last one.

The Scribes word your thoughts - we help you express your brand through a number of sophisticated copywriting services, delivering precise word choices, impeccable language, and the most appropriate tone for your intended audience. 



At The Scribes we believe that high-quality copywriting is integral to creating and sustaining successful brands.

Through the use of simple but intelligent copywriting, we communicate to loyal followers that will support your business and invest in your brand. We specialize in creative content for corporations, cultural organizations, and F&B. 


We name:  

New businesses & brands

Campaigns & initiatives


Products & dishes

Books & publications

We write:

Website & app content

Corporate profiles & presentations

Brochures & newsletters

Wall text, menus, & packaging 

Media campaigns & film scripts


Let's Chat.


Are you an established corporation, looking to inspire trust and loyalty in your clients with straightforward but sophisticated language? Or are you a young business that wants to help your followers live their best lives?

Get in touch with us to see how we can add power to your writing.

Are you a writer looking for more ways to sharpen your skillset? Are you just not a 9-5 person? Join the club, become a Scribe. We can help you get more work and attract the kind of copywriting client you desire. Get in touch with us whether you’re based in Kuwait or abroad.

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The Scribes are currently based in Kuwait City, with translators and editors in Canada, Jordan, Lebanon, and Paris.

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Sure, a picture is worth a thousand words. But good writing is priceless.
— The Scribes