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What We Offer



At The Scribes we think that no brand is complete without quality writing.

Through the use of simple but intelligent writing, we communicate to loyal followers that will support your business and invest in your brand.

We name:  

  • new businesses 

  • sister businesses

  • apps

  • products

  • dishes

  • first-born children*


*satisfaction not guaranteed

We write:

  • website and app content

  • corporate profiles (with mission, vision, values and team bios)

  • brochures

  • presentations

  • wall text, menus, and packaging 

  • media campaigns and film scripts

  • short stories, poems and songs



We can train your team to speak in a unified voice.

Through a series of interactive exercises and research, we help you understand: your brand, your brand's purpose, your brand personality and how to set your voice apart from your competition. By the end of your workshop, your team will have confident knowledge of how to call your audience to action.



The Scribes can confidently express themselves in English, Arabic, and French and we’ll make sure your business can too.

Contact us to get your content translated by one of our corporate, marketing or literary translation specialists.


The Scribes help you keep a high writing standard.

We follow a set of rules and best practices to ensure we deliver quality writing in terms of: language flow, well-researched content, and strategic reader engagement.



Maintaining your brand's presence takes consistent effort.  We write and research blog posts, create social media campaigns and write video & film scripts to keep your followers excited about your brand.


So, this isn't really our thing, but we know people who are really good at it. Let us put you in touch, and we can write press releases and create a social media starter kit to get you going in the meantime.


Writing coaching

Not everyone loved English class, we get it. We’ve worked closely with select clients such as university professors, engineering students, and cultural workers to build their confidence in their writing. We’ll help you strengthen your ideas, find patterns in your writing errors, help you understand how to make your sentences and paragraphs flow better, and put some swagger in your step.